Monday, February 24, 2014


The time has almost come!  It is with great excitement that I get ready for the debut of Zebra Beeba. I have seen the cover and I was really struck with how much it looked like my daughter (whom the character, Beeba, is based upon).  What was craziest to me is that I did not give the artist reference pictures, but she produced a fantastic cartoon version of Beeba.
  I heard from the executive editor last week and she let me know that the book should be released in the first or second week of March.  I can not wait to share the book with everyone!  I am getting ready to set up "meet the author" days at my kids' school and my husband's former elementary school.  It will be fun to talk about writing with the kids and encourage them to pursue their dreams of writing!  I am about to start revamping a story I've been kicking around for some time, The Cry from the Cornfield, but for the moment I'm just going to be excited about Zebra Beeba!