Friday, January 10, 2014

The editing process is complete!

Today am elated since the editing process for Zebra Beeba is finished!  First, the editor made suggestions, and I made the edits; then the executive editor sent the newest version.  I had to read through the book once more and compose an errata list (I would copy a line I wanted to change and then make the correction underneath).  Now that the errata list has been completed and approved, Zebra Beeba is almost ready!  I am looking forward to hearing from the artist now.  Looks like we are right on schedule for the March 1 publication date!


  1. Chris, I look forward to the release. You will have to let me know how I get my hands on a copy.

  2. That is so exciting! Is the editing process what you thought it would be? More/less? Can't wait to give the book to the girls. :)